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Mumbai Travel


Mumbai, famous as Bombay is one of the most bustling cities. This sprawling city is the hub for business and commerce. Mumbai, being the capital of the state of Maharashtra is the most happening place that never sleeps. Mumbai is a city of its kind. It is the most lively and happening city that never sleeps. Mumbai with its exuberance and vivacity is regarded as Las Vegas in India. It is due to the presence of several discotheques, night clubs, bars, and night clubs. This city pulses with the activity of day and night. Whatever you want to taste, you desire, you can find in Mumbai. You can find Multiplex cinemas at every street as of the love of Mumbai people with movies. This amazing city is the centre for business and commerce. It is the financial capital and the largest market of money in the country. This fascinating city is a habitat of all Indian creeds, culture and religion. Also, the sprawling city has a natural harbor which is also regarded as one of the busiest ports in India. Mumbai- the great city is also home to the film industry that is the largest in the world. The glamour, the career prospects allure a chain of business travelers and employment-seeker to this great city-Mumbai. Also, the historical monuments, entertainment options, natural beauty together add as a cherry to the cake.

Facts and figures
Location from major metropolitan cities: Chennai (1329 kms), Calcutta (1987 kms), Delhi (1260 kms).

Famous for
Cosmopolitan character, film industry and commercial hub of India

Mumbai experiences moderate climate since it is situated near to the western coast of India. The temperature in summer is quite pleasant with an average of 34 degree Celsius, but humidity dominates the season. The winters see a decline in temperatures with average temperature dipping down to about 17 degree Celsius.

Best time to visit
The ideal time to visit Mumbai is between October to March.

Major Attractions in the city

Gateway of India
Built in British style, Gateway of India is most favorite destination of the tourists. If you visit Mumbai, you must visit the amazing Gateway of India, which is regarded as the statute of liberty of India.

Prince of Wales Museum
Prince of Wales Museum is designed and developed in Indo-Saracenic style. It is one of the finest buildings established during the British rule. Prince of Wales museum was constructed in the honor of the great Prince of Wales on his visit to India.

Mahalaxmi Temple
Mahalaxmi temple is one of the eminent temples in Mumbai which is devoted to Mahalaxmi- The Goddess of wealth. One can find idols of Hindu Goddesses Mahakali, Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati in the temple.

The Tomb of Haji Ali
The tomb of Haji Ali is a master piece of architecture. This splendid tomb of Haji Ali is standing on an island. A large chunk of devotees visit everyday to pay their homage to the great Saint Haji Ali

Chowpatty is a major attraction point in Mumbai, quite famous among local people and tourists. It is the most exciting and interesting place to visit especially during Maharashtra's most grand festival of Ganesh chatturathi. Chowpatty Beach has given uplift to the Mumbai Tourism.

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Other places of interest

Pool Meditation Resort, Pune: Pune, after Mumbai is the second largest city of Maharashtra. This city offers plethora of tourist attractions. This city is quite famous for the Ashram of Osho Rajneesh. There are many gardens to be seen in Pune along the banks of river Mula-Mutha.

Aurangabad :
Aurangabad is the ancient city which is famous for its cultural heritage and medieval monuments. It is an important city as it has a close proximity to the world heritage sites of Ellora and Ajanta. Besides this, Aurangabad has many other alluring and captivating tourist attractions.

Khandala :
Khandala is considered as a heaven for trekkers. It is because it is the best hill destinations in Maharashtra. The landscape in Khandala is covered with lush greenery making it all more attractive and exiting to visit for a splashing weekend.

Lonavala :
Lonavala is a place deluge with heart-throbbing sceneries. This place is really a worth visiting for its charm and charisma. Lush with green sceneries, this place is the most sought-after tourist destination. Lonavala, Tugauli and Bhushi lakes are some of the lovely lakes in Lonavala. Matheran : Matheran being a small hill station is free from pollution. It is the only place in India that is free from any vehicles. Here, in this hill station no vehicle is permitted so as to maintain the scenic beauty, its freshness and beauty for long.

How to reach

By Air : Mumbai being the capital of Maharashtra, has both an international and domestic airport. International terminal is located at Sahar which is situated 30 km north. While, the domestic terminal is located at Santa Cruz is just 4 km away.

By Rail : Mumbai being the capital of Maharashtra is the headquarters of both Central and Western Railways. The major railway station is Victoria Terminal, now called as Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal. With all major cities, like Bangalore, Ahemdabad, Aurangabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagapur, Trivandrum, Goa, Calcutta, Jaipur,

By Road : Mumbai is connected with all major destinations in Maharashtra and other neighboring states