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Kushinagar Tours


Kushinagar is situated in Deoria district of eastern Uttar Pradesh. After a life dedicated to preaching mankind to alleviate their sufferings and the path of attaining salvation, Lord Buddha had died at Kushinagar on his way from Rajgir to Sravasti. The event is called Parinirvana in Buddhist parlance. His last words before death were that all composite things decay. Kushinagar has been a pilgrimage destination since many hundred years. It was also the capital of the kingdom of the Mallas, one of the 16 Janapadas during the ancient period. It may be mentioned that many of its stupas and viharas of the place date back to 230 BC-AD 413 when the prosperity of Kushinagar was at its peak.

Facts and figures
Location from nearby major cities :
Lucknow (319 kms), Agra (680 kms), Gorakhpur (51 kms)

Known For :
The celebrated Buddhist pilgrimage destination of Kushinagar is located in Uttar Pradesh. Lord Buddha had attained Parinirvana (death of Lord Buddha) at this place.

Climate & the best time to visit :
Tropical climate prevails in Kushinagar. Summer months are very hot and humid with temperatures in the range of 40-45°C. Winters are also very cold with minimum temperature in December going down to about 5°C. Monsoon reaches the region in late-June and remains till most part of September. The period between October and March is the best time to undertake a pilgrimage to the sacred destination.

Attractions in the City

Mahaparinirvana Temple Kushinagar, Mahaparinirvana Temple : The most important place to visit here is the Mahaparinirvana temple. The reclining statue of Buddha displayed here is famous all over the world. The magnificent statue is 20-feet-long and is seated on a brick platform. There are ruins of as many as eight monasteries around the temple. Some of these monasteries like the Makutabandhara Vihara are believed to have been built by Malla kings to preserve the relics of the Buddha. These monasteries have been silent spectators to the rise and fall of many dynasties and the spread of Buddhism in the place.

Muktabandhana Stupa :
The Muktabandhana Vihara is believed to have been built by the Mallas just after the Buddha's death. It is important to note that the stupa has been built right over the sacred relics of the Buddha himself. Also known as the Ramabhar Stupa, it is a 50 ft tall structure. As the Stupa is believed to be the place of cremation of the Buddha, devotees throng the Stupa all round the year to seek divine blessings.

Nirvana Stupa :
Located 1 km west of the Muktabandhana Stupa, Nirvana Stupa was built in the days of Ashoka. The stupa was richly renovated in 1927 by the Burmese Buddhists. This Stupa also has images of the Buddha and is visited in large numbers.

Wat Thai Kusinara :
Wat Thai can be regarded as a wonderful mini city developed by the Thais. It is built in a sprawling area of 10 acres and houses small huts, a school, a library and hospitals. The beautiful miniature gardens, lotus ponds and nurseries built here in typical oriental style tremendously attract visitors. Hundreds of foreigners, mainly Thais come here every year to perform various kinds of services. All devotees are clad in saffron robes and eat from banana leaves.

Gorakhpur :
Gorakhpur is located some 51 kms away from Kushinagar. The main attraction of Gorakhpur is the Rahul Sanskrityayan Museum which has an excellent collection of Thanka paintings and relics of the Buddha. Gorakhpur temple is also visited by devotees in large numbers. The water sports complex at Ramgarh Tal Planetarium hosts a number of aquatic sports competitions.

Kapilavastu :
Situated some 148 kms from Kushinagar, Kapilavastu is also an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination. The early life of Lord Buddha is closely associated with this place. Kapilavastu was the ancient capital of the Sakya clan ruled by Gautam Buddha's father.

How To Reach

By Air :
The nearest landing facility is at Varanasi from where one can take flights to national capital Delhi and other metros.

By Rail : Kushinagar does not figure in the railway map of the country. The nearest railway station is at Gorakhpur (51 kms). Gorakhpur is the headquarters of Northeastern Railways and linked to important destinations of the country.

By Road : Kushinagar is well connected to other parts of Uttar Pradesh by a good road network. Regular bus services are available from Gorakhpur and a few other destinations.