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Bhutan Tours


Bhutan Tours The Golden Triangle possibly, the most captivating tour in this vast subcontinent. The triangle of three cities perfectly captures the pageantry of India. A gorgeous panorama of majestic Mughal architectural creations and a rich tradition of art and culture. Here you can see some of the images that epitomise India. The imperial elegance of Lutyens' New Delhi, the marble symphony of Shahjahan's Taj Mahal in Agra, the desert splendour of Jaipur. The great pilgrimage of Varanasi as the sun rises over the holy river the air echoes to the pilgrims' chant of mantras. An eternal dawn ritual asking for the benediction of the Gods. Taking you to East India, Kolkata where the British first set foot, today with its teeming streets, and into Bhutan known as the land of the Tunder Dragon, though the name seems a misnomer, as every face seems to wear a smile. Dzongas, stupas, monasteries and a sacred tradition of visual arts combine in a vibrant and dazzling display. Bravely emerging into the world of the 21st century, Bhutan and its Himalayan neighbors still beckon. as the door slowly opens to a promising future. Moving to coastal Puri in eastern India where lie in abundance ancient temples and nature with the finest beaches in the world.

Bhutan is one of the world’s most extraordinary destinations because of its pristine natural beauty and its pious Buddhist culture. If there ever was a utopia, it would certainly be Bhutan. Our tours to Bhutan are co-ed and appeal to single men and women, as well as families, couples and friends traveling together. Our Bhutan tour attracts travelers of all ages and from all walks of life. People from all around the world join us in exploring Bhutan. Out trips appeal to the savvy and first time international traveler.

Tour Highlights
  • Tiger's Nest: During your journey through Bhutan you will explore some of the most magnificent Buddhist monasteries including Tiger's Nest, perhaps the most beautiful monastery in the world because of its incredible setting.
  • Rub Shoulders with Locals: Meet locals in a courtyard of a monastery during a colorful masked dance performance.
  • Sit with the Monks and Nuns: Witness local monks and nuns chanting morning and evening prayers.
  • Meet a Lama: Enter the world of Buddhism in Bhutan with a local lama (teacher).
  • Stroll, Browse and Shop: Take some time in the friendly markets and see some of the finest handicrafts found anywhere in Asia.
What to Expect on Your Tour

Our Bhutan tour is an all inclusive, escorted adventure. Your tour package includes Bhutan-domestic flights, 4 star accommodations, all ground transportation and meals. Your Bhutan tour leader, Jim Hagan, is a college professor who teaches Eastern Religions & Philosophy. Jim plans, manages and leads every Bhutan tour to ensure that each guest receives the very best personal attention and feels comfortable and safe. Jim strives to make your trip the very best experience of your life. This is why many of our travelers have returned for multiple tours with us.

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