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Agra Tour


Agra Tour Packages

Agra is one of the most important historic cities of India. Agra tours will give enough opportunity to know about the history and culture of Agra. Agra was the capital of medieval India almost for 135 years. For the first time, Sultan Sikandar Lodi set his capital at Agra in 1501 and when Babur, the first Mughal Emperor of India, conquered the throne in 1526, he chose Agra as his capital. During Akbar's period, Agra emerged as India's most well-known center of art, culture, learning and commerce. The phase continued for about a century and reached its pinnacle during the period of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan, who eventually decided to shift his capital from Agra to Delhi in 1637.

In recent times Agra is a sprawling industrial town, the city is famous for the world distinguished Taj Mahal and other architectural masterpieces. Agra tour will make you shop for precious and semi precious stones, marble products, brassware, and leather items. You can also shop for delicately painted wooden goods, stone decorative, embroidered rugs and famous pethas (a kind of sweet made of pumpkin and sugar).

Agra famous for
Taj Mahal(epitome of love)- one of the most magnificent wonders of the world- Handicrafts - Leather Work, Carpets, Zari, Inley Work on Marvel, Embroidery Work

Agra Tours Climate- Agra city

Agra has both extreme & tropical climate. During summer season maximum temperature of Agra shoot up to 45 degree Celsius. Winters are usually cold and foggy. Monsoon season characterize heavy rains and extreme humidity.

Best Time to Visit
Between October and March

Major attractions in the city

Tour to Agra is a wonderful experience of your lifetime. This tomb is embellished with glazed titles. Every single portion of the monument is decorated with radiant and impressive color sachems known as 'Chini ka Rauza'. Visit Agra and see this monument which is a memorial dedicated to the Poet Scholar, Prime Minister of Allama Afzel Khal Mullah Shukrullah of Shiraz and Shah Jahan.

Agra Trip Taj Mahal
Agra Tours is incomplete without a visit to Taj Mahal. Epitome of love and affection Taj Mahal is built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. One of the eight wonders of the world, Taj Mahal is the most visited and admired place in the world. On Agra Tours visit Taj Mahal that glows in the light of full moon. See Taj Mahal beauty depicting the true love. Taj Mahal India heart-throbbing carving on marble is beyond comparison and truly a great place to visit.

Agra Red Fort
On Agra Tour India, visit Agra Red Fort designed and built in 1565 by a great Mughal emperor, Akbar. Initially this Agra Fort was built for military purpose. Later on, Akbar successors added several Mahals, coveting into a magnificence places like Moti Masjid, Jahangiri Mahal, Diwan-i-Khas, Pearl Mosque and Diwan-i-Am.

Other places of interest

Tour to Agra is incomplete without paying visit to some prominent places of Agra. Situated 4 Km from Agra, this beautiful mausoleum was built by great Mughal Emperor, Akbar. Visit Agra amazing mausoleum which is a perfect amalgamation of Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, and Jain motifs.

Mariyam Tomb
Tour to Agra will take you the great place of Mariyam tomb. Mariyam tomb is dedicated to the beloved wife of the great ruler- Akbar. This amazing tomb was built in 1611 and is situated on Delhi- Agra Highway. This amazing red stone tomb is adorned with captivating carvings, which pays real worth after looking at them closely.

Agra Tour Fatehpur Sikri
Tour to Agra will take you the amazing place Fatehpur Skiri. Fatehpur Skiri is a palace of five storeys. Built in 15th century somewhere between 1571 and 1585, this city was built by great Mughal Emperor Akbar. This city of Agra is highly inspired by Taj Mahal beauty and is the greatest and commendable accomplishment of Mughal architecture and adds a charm to the Agra Travel, Tour to Agra, and India Tours.

Ram Bagh
Must pay a visit to Ram Bagh Agra Tour. Ram Bagh is possibly the first Mughal gardens in Agra established by Babur when he came down to India. Ram Bagh located in Agra at around 500 m North of the famous monument Chini Ka Rauza. These once gorgeous gardens seemed to have lost its charms. One tends to imagine how these gardens must have been in 1558.

Mathura / Mughal
Mathura/Mughal is the sacred place in Agra where divine power Lord Krishna was born. It is one of the most admired, visited and photographed pilgrimage for tourists. It is located 58 kms from Agra.

How to reach

Air: Agra Airport commonly known as Kheria airport connects Agra with almost all prominent places in India. Almost all the airlines have directed their services to this magnificent palace 'Taj'.

Rail: Agra is connected to almost every corner of the nation. There are also luxury trains that connect Agra.

Road: Agra has excellent luxury taxi's coaches and deluxe bus services. The main bus stand in Agra connects all the places in the State and outside the state. Agra has the national highway 2,3,11 connecting to the all major places.